Real Elite Turbo Muin disconnecting, IMPORTANT

(A. Anrock (JINETES MR)) #1


since a few days, sometimes Zwift does not receive datas from my Real Turbo Muin (watts showing 0 and my avatar stops pedalling).

I’ve made 2 trainings today, this morning everything went well, but tonight impossible to pedal more than 30 seconds without being stopped by this problem.

My ant dongle is set near the roller, and after testing it with the Elite software, it works with no problem at all, so no way it’s ant communication problem. If other softwares communicate with my roller, so Zwift should do the same.

Any help ?


I read this post on October 2015, I have the same problem and no one gave a solution. My computer is very close to the Turbo Muin

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Antonino, 

The reason why your trainer is not communicating with ZWIFT very well is because your trainer is not Ant+ FE-C compatible. FE-C is a specific protocol ZWIFT needs in order to communicate with high end trainers correctly. However the good news is that Elite released a tool you can use to upgrade your trainer to from Ant+ to Ant+ FE-C. Go to their website click download at the top right, choose your trainer (Real Turbo Muin) and download the manual which is explaining everything you need to know. 

NOTE: In order to download this manual you will have to log in or create an account. Also you will need a windows PC. 

At the moment this is the only way to do this, you can not do it with a mobile app like with many other trainer manufactures. 

If you have any problem downloading it, logging in or creating an account I can send you both, the manual and the software you need.

Let us know how it went and Ride On! 

(Keith Revell) #3

Hi, I’ve had the same issue with a new Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ so thanks for the guidance.  I have completed the registration and download on a Windows PC, and now assume that I can no longer use my IMac?

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Keith, 

You just need to do the trainer update with windows PC, once done you can use your Mac to run Zwift. :slight_smile:

Ride On!