Elite Real TurboMuin – controllable?

I’ve just picked up a second hand Elite Real TurboMuin – with a serial number <30000.

I’ve updated its ANT+ software

I’ve got it working on Zwift reasonably well – but I can’t figure out how to get it to be controlled by Zwift. Maybe this is not possible with this machine. Does anyone have any ideas please?

I’ve tried asking Elite but although their trainers seem to be excellent, their support function is useless – non-responsive and by and large the answers are a load of flannel.

You bought some kind of oldtimer! I guess that wasn’t a good idea. Elite sells many modern trainers and the support is competent and helpful.

If you knew how much I paid for it – you’d think that it was probably a very good idea.

Anyway, it does everything – it controls the Zwift power meter, Cadence, gives me power output in watts and speed – it would simply be nice to find out if it is controllable by the software.

Presumably you don’t know the answer to that.

From Zwift:

Configuring an Elite Turbo Muin

In order to ride an Elite Turbo Muin, you’ll need the Misuro B+ sensor. With it in place—your trainer will transmit >speed and power data directly to Zwift. Here’s how to pair your trainer:

The Real Turbo Muin, Real Turbo Muin B+, and Turbo Muin Smart B+ all come with the Misuro B+ installed.

  1. Search for your Turbo Muin under one of the following:
  • The Speed menu
  • The Power menu

If the trainer doesn’t show up under the “controllable” sensor selection it is not able to simulate grades and/or receive ERG info from Zwift unfortunately.

Thanks for this response.

In fact the real turbo Muin does not come with the Misuro B+ sensor. You have to buy that separately and with earlier serial numbers – before 30,000 – you have to fix it on the side of the trainer with some kind of tape.

I have ordered a Misuro that I don’t have it yet.

However, today instead of pairing the trainer with Zwift running on an android tablet, I paired it with a laptop running Windows 10.
Amazingly, it paired with the power, and the cadence function and also the controllable function :astonished:.
I was only tinkering around so I didn’t actually get to try it – but it seemed that the trainer may come under the control of Zwift using only Ant+ - no Bluetooth as long as it is on a PC – not an Android.

Does anyone have any experience of this?