Elite turbo muin help please :)

Hi, I’ve recently borrowed and Elite turbo muin from a friend and I’m trying to get all set up in lockdown.
I have the misuro b+ sensor and it’s all connected.

When I’m on the app (using Bluetooth) it connects but it doesn’t register any power. I know there is a lot on the zwift ‘getting started’ but to be honest I don’t understand it and just need some instructions that help someone who is rubbish with technology and just wants to be able to be set up.

I’ve read something about needing to be on ANT can I just buy any dongle? Or do I need something under my front wheel to help the power register? I’m clueless and hoping this isn’t hard for someone to explain to me :nerd_face:. Thanks in advance and pics attached.

Hi @Ali_Kelly

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What device are you using for the Zwift app.

In that pairing screen do you see cadence and power numbers change while pedeling?

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Thanks for your reply. I’m just using my phone.

No the numbers don’t change it just stays at 0’s. Thanks Ali

I have the elite turno. I had a ■■■■ of a time setting it up and had to trawl forums for help. So in the side panel of the turbo (need a screwdriver to take it off) there should be the the little grey box power misuno sensor with the battery. Maybe pop in new battery? Make sure no other devices are connected to the power sensor such as a garmin watch. To “wake up “ the power sensor and make it detectable you need to turn the pedals. You also need to calibrate the sensor or you. Will end up with crazy power figures. On the power sensor next to the battery there is a tiny little button. When you push it a red light will flash. Push it again and it will flash + 1 etc . For the turbo elite muin you need 12 flashes. Hope this helps