Extreme power with Real Turbo Muin (without B+ sensor)


I have been a Zwift user for almost a year.  I use an Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ (s 13867) trainer but strangely, there is no B+ sensor in mine! 

Never was a problem.  Right out of the box, the trainer worked perfectly when I pair it as a power meter.

Suddenly this week, I logged on Zwift and then I get 400 watts by barely spinning the pedals!  I have read severals posts concerning high wattage with the Elite trainer but lots of them mention the B+ sensor which I don’t have.

If anyone could help, would be very nice.

If you have Turbo Muin B+, then the Misuro B+ sensor is in a compartment on the side. That being said, I’m not sure that’s the root issue.

I looked at your sessions, and you’ve done multiple combinations of sensors, some of which could be causing issues. Since you’re connecting over ANT+, you’re going to see two options for pairing: the current FE-C standard and the legacy ANT+ protocol. You should pair to the FE-C option for both power and controllable trainer - or use your 4iiii power meter in power, and Elite FE-C for controllable trainer.

If you’re still having issues after that, send us a support ticket, and we’ll have a look. Thanks!

Hi Jason,

there is nothing in that compartment.  that being said, I was already pairing FE-C standard option for both power and trainer.  I also use a Garmin HR strap and the 4iiii power meter for cadence.  I know I can use my 4iiii power meter to read power but will the trainer still control gradient and will I be able to use ERG mode?