Elite Turbo Muin + Misuro b+ <30000 zwift power 5kw


I have an ole Elite turbo muin turbo trainer with a 19000 serial number, i can see the power in my e trainer on mobile android and windows 10 laptop but zwift only picks up 5watts power on average but my e trainer works fine.

Any ideas what i can try? i have updated all apps to the latestes as of 1/1/21


I had the same problem a couple of months ago, but that was solved by re-installing zwift. Since the e trainer is working I assume it’s not a problem with the setup of the B+ sensor, but have you double checked it’s blinking the correct number of times according to the Misuro B+ manual? (I can’t post a link but google: Misuro B+ manual)

Thanks Sigurd

I have reinstalled on 2 devices and its the same, Im using 11 blinks for the older model and i tried 12 too but its the same.

Ive bought a new battery to try just incase its that. I did a search on here but there are not many posts for the older muin trainer.