Adding zPower for Elite Turbo Muin please

I read prev post about turbo muin.
Zwift said that zwift look into misuro blu … because they send speed… 
But actually elite turbo muin’s wheel has maget. So if users need speed, just add speed sensor… like minoura sensor etc. 
So we can send speed to zwift that you requested.
Turbo muin has many advantage… especially low noise for apartment people.
I know trainer road has virtual power about turbo muin. 
I hope game with zwift with correct power curve of turbo muin.
thanks zwift about making this great game. and I hope I enjoy zwift with my turbo muin trainer.

Hi Yongtak,

The Misuro Blu and B+ send speed and cadence, sure. But it also sends estimated POWER. This is what you will need, not speed and cadence, for the Turbo Muin to work in Zwift.

We will be testing the B+ as soon as we get one in the office. The Blu will not be compatible as we do not support Bluetooth yet.


Hi Eric,


Great, hope you get on well with the B+ and find out if you can support this trainer. Thing is, you don’t necessarily need to use the Misuro sensors on the Muin. You can use a regular bike-mounted ANT+ speed/cadence sensor that picks up the magnet on the internal wheel of the turbo. Zwift could then use the power curve for the Muin to work out power, like you do for other turbos (and like Elite does - it calculates the power from the speed - from what I understand in the app, not in the Misuro sensor). The Q&A at the bottom of the turbo muin page on the Elte website ( says:

Is the speed/cadence sensor able to pick up data if the bike has no rear wheel?

Yes, there’s a magnet inside the Turbo Muin that spins at a speed identical to a wheel.



Good news! Elite support will be added in our next update! This will include support for the Turbo Muin using a Misuro B+ or  Cad/Speed Sensor Ant+, 20 Cm.