Turbo Muin Smart B+ not controllable

I’ve a similar Turbo Muin Smart B+ machine which connects fine to Zwift for power and Cadence.
It doesn’t seem to pickup the Controllable aspect- even with using an ANT+ dongle. I’ve tried moving the laptop right next to the unit but it doesn’t pickup. Makes no difference whether on laptop or iPhone…
I’ve followed all guidance on the Zwift support site.
I’ve sort of ground to a halt with it. Shame as I get ZP on Zwift when racing ie they don’t see my setup as trustworthy so I get disqualified. Also riding in a league, my points are halved, which is hard to swallow…
Any assistance or ideas most welcome…

Turbo Muin B+ is not controllable, AFAIK.
It is ZPower, there is no powermeter - it is a speed (and cadence? not sure…) sensor.

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It’s no a controllable trainer no. It does measure power but you are correct in that this model has long since been regarded as being inaccurate which is why you get the flier warnings.