Elite Models Resistance Control Confusion

(Ben Frost) #1

just wanted to clear something up… so are the following Elite trainers able to have there resistance controlled by zwift…?

  • Real Turbo Muin
  • RealAxiom
  • RealPower
  • RealTour
  • Real E-Motion rollers

t’s just weird that they are categorized differently in the compatible trainers page. 

and the Turbo Muin “Smart” B+ doesn’t have the resistance control via zwift functionality?




(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #2

Turbo Muin Smart B+ is not power controlled in any way. It’s called Smart because it integrate power, cadence and speed metering inside the trainer. 

Turbo Muin I & II are the same without these sensors inside. 

Real Turbo Muin works great on Zwift  and is power controlled.

Even between original Turbo Muin serial numbers there are some differentes. I don’t remember the serial number, but if i don’t recall wrongly, from 10.000 they are harder.


Here you can see different power graphs and why Zwift do a great job being so detailed about every single model.