Elite turbo muin smart b+ Controllable

I purchased a Elite Turbo Muin Smart b+ and it seems that I made a mistake, because my idea was to connect to zwift and let the program adjust my resistance when reaching a hill, etc. but it seems this roller just sends some info to the program.

My question is: what happens with the resistance then? If I dont change my gear i’ll feel it flat?

On the other hand i red somewhere that using ant+ (i just tried bluetooth) this could change… is that possible?

Thank you all and be safe!!

I’m afraid that you’re correct. Your trainer won’t change resistance according to the gradient. Also the power reported by your trainer won’t be terribly accurate. ANT+ won’t change this.

You can still use this with Zwift. But if you really want to feel the changing gradient, you could probably sell your trainer and get something else.

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that is a nice trainer not to adjust resistance. You will have to change gears…

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thx so much for your answer! Based in your expirience, how should users like me with no controllable roller adjust the resistance? Just changing the gear?

Take care!

My mistake, I believe you’ve got the older direct drive fluid resistance, which as others said isn’t controllable.

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Yes, changing gear is the way for you to alter the resistance.

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Hey guys!

i kept investigating and today I received an ant+ dongle. i installed it in my laptop, look for available devices again and se what happened!!!

oh gosh! I cannot upload photos yet,i was trying to post a photo with:

power source

Elite real trainer 32501

How this could be??


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hi Andreu,
I have the same trainer and I have the same issues as you pointed out in your original post. But in your post above it seems everything works perfect after you installed an Ant+ dongle? Is this correct? And what is your experience after some months of use?