Elite real e-motion rollers


Is there any help for my old real e-motion rollers? The problem is on the flat sections. The issue is that on flat sprints and down hills i allways run out of gears. Resistance is too low. But on hills resistance is ok and i can sprint way over 1000watts. trainer difficulty option doesn´t effect on this problem.

Thanks allready


Hi, how did you setup the trainer? I use the default choices of zwift (power meter, cadence and controllable set to real fec option)

I think i have the same trainer as yours (elite real emotion v1 of 2011, recently updated firmware to b+ version to support standard ant+ with fec), but for me resistence seems to be controlled (strong) only manually when i select a training plan (i.e. i set manually at 600w), and no automatically on hills.

On the contrary, on flat my resistence increases with speed (over 30km/h is quite high)

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actually now those rollers broke down and I was forced to buy elite direto xr… but I have to say that I like rollers more than trainer. bike is free and down get chance to broke the frame. also ride feel is much better on rollers

Thank for your answer

Jarkko Niemi

Team Continental-Focus

Bringing this Ine back to life…:
Two problems with this. One trivial.
It over reports watts, not a biggie as I use power meter

Worse…When Zwift controls it, it does not add enough resistance and I spinn out to .

That would be a Zwift issue as it works perfectly fine, or better, with Elite my E-training and others.

Any suggestions ?