Elite Real e-motion roller

(anon51943766) #1

Hi. The software is awesome!! When is going to be compatible with Elite Real e-motion roller?? I mean, when the software will control the roller resistance?.


(Joseph Dowski) #2

Hi Javier,
Do your E-Motion rollers have electronic resistance control on their own? I use rollers as my trainer as well but they have no electronics.

(anon51943766) #3

Yes, it has Electronic magnetic resistance. Actually I’m riding without Electronic resistance. Like basic rollers.

(Joseph Dowski) #4


Nice ! I did not realize E-Motions had that feature. I will have to check out their site. :slight_smile:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

No real time period on the rollers, but we have one in house to test on :slight_smile:

(Steve Paltzer) #6

The E-Motion will have that feature in future for their “Model H & Model F rollers”.


I watched some videos on-line for “DIY free motion rollers” and converted my CycleOps rollers to have motion. I also swapped in a SportCrafters OverDrive drum to add “progressive magnetic resistance”. Note: drilling through your roller frame will void the warranty.

<-- My thumb-nail image is a picture of my bike next to my modified rollers!
The drum in the back with the red cap is the OverDrive.

Source: “DIY free motion rollers”

CycleOps rollers:

SportCrafters OverDrive drum:

(anon51943766) #7

We are talking about http://www.elite-real.com/en/products/real-e-motion

(Joseph Dowski) #8

@Javier, I just followed your link. They look really nice… but “Not Available in North America” ?? :frowning:

(Steve Paltzer) #9

Thanks for the link Javier. It is easy to forget that the Internet/Zwift community is a global one. It looks like the two companies have a working partnership.

The below text is at the bottom of the Inside Ride website, and the word ‘Elite’ is a link to http://www.Elite-Real.com

“Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.”

Looks like Elite is a little further along than Inside Ride.

(Peter Lin) #10

the e-motion rollers look really cool. if zwift adds support for it, I’ll have to consider getting one.
+1 on the feature

(Marios Spyrou) #11

Any updates as to when Elite E-Motion Real roller will be connect with ZWIFT and simulate directly uphill resistance?

(anon51943766) #12

Hi Eric C. any update with the Real E-motion Rollers??

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #13

We will make an announcement when it’s ready. We haven’t forgotten :slight_smile:

(anon51943766) #14

Thanks!! Do you know how much time is left??

(anon51943766) #15

I have used the Elite real e-motion with controlled resistance two times in zwift. Congratulations it works very well!! Only one thing, the resistance is very low, I test to set the “Max difficulty” for the trainer in the settings but I don’t aprecciate any change. It would be great that this setting works better. Thanks!!

(anon51943766) #16

The resistance is very low… Real e-motion works perfectly with bkool but not with zwift.

(Mark Ferris) #17

I have the opposite issue, I am running out of gears, losing cadence to a point I am falling off.  I am relatively new to rollers so presuming its me.  Starting on a hill above 10% (after I have fallen off) is hell!

I have a question:  under the Controllable Trainer section on the setup page, which of the two choices do I pick?  The Elite one seems to have no resistance (I think), and the other one, the Ant option is hell on the hills as described above.


Any help would be much appreciated.



(Javier García) #18

Is there any way to set de trainer difficulty higher than 100%?? It could help a lot. I put 200% in the properties file but I think that zwift cut this value to 100%

(Javier García) #19

In the Elite software there are 3 parameters to adjust the trainer resistance to the real power. This values are P1=97 P2=140 y P3=150

I think that in zwift these values are diferent because the resistance in lower than in the Elite training software.