Elite Real e-motion roller

Hi. The software is awesome!! When is going to be compatible with Elite Real e-motion roller?? I mean, when the software will control the roller resistance?.


Hi Javier,
Do your E-Motion rollers have electronic resistance control on their own? I use rollers as my trainer as well but they have no electronics.

Yes, it has Electronic magnetic resistance. Actually I’m riding without Electronic resistance. Like basic rollers.


Nice ! I did not realize E-Motions had that feature. I will have to check out their site. :slight_smile:

No real time period on the rollers, but we have one in house to test on :slight_smile:

The E-Motion will have that feature in future for their “Model H & Model F rollers”.


I watched some videos on-line for “DIY free motion rollers” and converted my CycleOps rollers to have motion. I also swapped in a SportCrafters OverDrive drum to add “progressive magnetic resistance”. Note: drilling through your roller frame will void the warranty.

<-- My thumb-nail image is a picture of my bike next to my modified rollers!
The drum in the back with the red cap is the OverDrive.

Source: “DIY free motion rollers”

CycleOps rollers:

SportCrafters OverDrive drum:

We are talking about http://www.elite-real.com/en/products/real-e-motion

@Javier, I just followed your link. They look really nice… but “Not Available in North America” ?? :frowning:

Thanks for the link Javier. It is easy to forget that the Internet/Zwift community is a global one. It looks like the two companies have a working partnership.

The below text is at the bottom of the Inside Ride website, and the word ‘Elite’ is a link to http://www.Elite-Real.com

“Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.”

Looks like Elite is a little further along than Inside Ride.

the e-motion rollers look really cool. if zwift adds support for it, I’ll have to consider getting one.
+1 on the feature

Any updates as to when Elite E-Motion Real roller will be connect with ZWIFT and simulate directly uphill resistance?

Hi Eric C. any update with the Real E-motion Rollers??

We will make an announcement when it’s ready. We haven’t forgotten :slight_smile:

Thanks!! Do you know how much time is left??

I have used the Elite real e-motion with controlled resistance two times in zwift. Congratulations it works very well!! Only one thing, the resistance is very low, I test to set the “Max difficulty” for the trainer in the settings but I don’t aprecciate any change. It would be great that this setting works better. Thanks!!

The resistance is very low… Real e-motion works perfectly with bkool but not with zwift.

I have the opposite issue, I am running out of gears, losing cadence to a point I am falling off.  I am relatively new to rollers so presuming its me.  Starting on a hill above 10% (after I have fallen off) is ■■■■!

I have a question:  under the Controllable Trainer section on the setup page, which of the two choices do I pick?  The Elite one seems to have no resistance (I think), and the other one, the Ant option is ■■■■ on the hills as described above.


Any help would be much appreciated.



Is there any way to set de trainer difficulty higher than 100%?? It could help a lot. I put 200% in the properties file but I think that zwift cut this value to 100%

In the Elite software there are 3 parameters to adjust the trainer resistance to the real power. This values are P1=97 P2=140 y P3=150

I think that in zwift these values are diferent because the resistance in lower than in the Elite training software.