Elite Real E motion B+ Smart Rollers wont work on zwift

I have used my Elite Real motion rollers on Zwift for several years until last year. I could not get a proper connection last year apparently a software upgrade caused some issues. The rollers work fine in Elite trainer software programs but Zwift will not proper or reliably connect. I had thought Zwift would grand father in older setups but it look like they may not work I’ve tried ANT+ and Bluetooth with no success. Anyone figure out a work around I really prefer the rollers, I hate to have to upgrade working roller for a software issue.

Hi @Jason_Clouston, your rollers should still be compatible with Zwift on the latest firmware. If the rollers pair to Elite’s myETraining or Upgrado apps on a specific mobile device, I recommend trying to force close all trainer related apps on that device, then opening Zwift on the same device and attempting to pair the rollers there. If that works, but you prefer to Zwift on a computer or Apple TV, you should be able to use Zwift Companion on that mobile device as a bluetooth bridge. We’ll be happy to help further in Support if you’re still having trouble.

It will pair to my elite training, pretty sure it will not to upgrado as I tried thinking it was old software causing the issue. It says its upgradeable but no by upgrado. Sounds like there are several options, I will get it out and try a few things thanks for helping!! Stay tuned