Do Elite Arion digital ANT work with Zwift?

(J Johnny) #1

I searched Elite’s site and forum, it is unclear to me whether the FE-C update that they are doing for some of their trainers and rollers would work with the Arion Digital ANT rollers. Anyone here know?


(Guillaume Laforest) #2

I would like to know if Zwift software auto control wireless resistance of Elite Arion Digital.


(Radik>) #3

I would like to know too

I wonder to buy it or not.


(Jason K) #4

As far as I’m aware, the only Elite rollers Zwift works are the E-Motion rollers. The Arion Digital isn’t compatible. Elite typically indicates whether a trainer is compatible with Zwift on the product description page, so you can look for the Zwift logo there, too.

You can see our list of compatible trainers on our knowledge base.

(J ez V5) #5

I’ve been in contact with Elite software management team and they released a beta copy of their FE-C firmware update to me. I updated the rollers and have just connected it on zwift and done a couple of miles with it. Seems to work fine and controlled the training depending on gradient. Haven’t tried a workout as of yet, will give this a go in the next could of weeks.

(Petr Sedlacek WBR) #6

Hi Jez,

Any update on your experience with Arion Digital rollers and Zwift? Can you please confirm which version you have, is it the older one or the new Arion Digital Smart B+?

Thanks a lot