Elite Traniers: Qubo Digital and Digital B+

(Danilo Bernardini) #1

Are those 2 elites trainers compatible with ZWIFT  using the transmission ANT+?

(Andrew Creer) #2

I think the Digital B+ should be out of the box (feel free to correct me) and looking the link below it seems a firmware upgrade will make the Qubo Digital compatible too.


(Ingo Knöll) #3

I have the B+ and it works even if the watts from the trainer are much to high up to 100 Watts ! And it is loud as it just uses Magnets and no fluid

(Raymond Connor ) #4

i have the digital wireless, great trainer but no it is not compatible with zwift.  there is rumor of a firmware upgrade that will allow it to talk to other Ant+ software, at the moment it is proprietary,  but i have looked for the download and can not find it.  i e-mailed elite support this morning requesting the firmware and also for them to talk to Zwift and give them the API to allow it to be supported.

the digital is very quiet and all in all a great trainer, even better if we get the Ant+ sorted. 

(Danilo Bernardini) #5

Correct! Only the Digital Smart B+ is compatible with third part sw. The old Digital could be upgraded with the new opened  ANT+  FE-C protocol  but the upgrade depends on the serial number of the unit. The mine cannot be upgraded  (already checked with elite support). Also keep in mind if you upgrade the yours it will not communicate anymore with your elite computer: the resistance can be adjusted elettronically only with the App  or via another pc sw




(Raymond Connor ) #6

Hi Danilo


thanks for that.  but just to confirm if i did upgrade i would lose the use of the elite software on my Ipad?  i was under the impression it was only the bar mounted computer unit that i would no longer be able to use.


thanks in advance



(Danilo Bernardini) #7

you will lose only the communication with your mounted oem computer.

the APP  on your smartphone or ipad will works 

(Raymond Connor ) #8

great thanks


not checked for the sticker so not sure if i can upgrade it had it about 12 months so i am guessing i wont.


but not to bothered as i just change the resistance with the app at the moment and it seems to work ok.