deciding between elite mag fluid and Elite Arion Mag rollers

Hello. I’m new to this zwifting stuff. I had a smart trainer before, but sold it before even setting it up. now I’m on the market for a new one, and I’m deciding between elite qubo fluid or elite arion mag rollers. since the rollers give me a more bike like feel, I’m inclined to get them. Now. Since my bike has both speen and cadence ant+ (garmin) sensors… do I need the elite misuro b+ sensor, or does the zwift collect the data directly from my sensors (with proprietary ant+ usb dongle)?

If so… I could probably use either of those trainers with zwift… right? and if no, can I use any of them, and what do I need? thnx. 

The Elite Qubo Fluid is a supported trainer, but the Elite Arion Mag Rollers are not on our list of supported trainers. The Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ rollers are supported however. You could still use the Elite Arion Mag Rollers as we have both a ‘Not Listed’ trainer and ‘Unlisted Rollers’ option in game as well under the Speed Sensor category. This allows you to use your current trainer/rollers in Zwift so you can check it out. However, you will be limited to a lower wattage as  this power curve isn’t accurate. As long as you already have a speed and cadence sensor, you don’t need the Elite Misuro B+ sensor. Pleasesee this article for further information on setting up an Elite Classic trainer.

We understand it can be confusing with all these pieces of equipment, so we made a “Getting Started” guide that’s available on our knowledge base. Additionally, we have a video that explains how to get your various pieces of equipment set up properly. Finally, make sure your computer meets our minimum requirements.

I hope this information helps! Ride On :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot