Set up Elite Turbo Muin b+ for resistance

(Christoph Döttelmayer) #1

Hi guys,

can anyone help me setting up the set up Elite Turbo Muin b+ for resistance?
I got everything going but don´t know to to make it change resistance by itself…


(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #2

The trainer you mention is a “smart” trainer but not interactive with Zwift. To change resistance you would change gears on the bike or change via the Elite app. I had a similar Elite trainer before and it was fine for Zwift but didn’t change resistance via the game. It transmits power great. I would change gears to simulate the hills. If you want to have the interactive experience you will need a different trainer like a Kickr or Neo

(Christoph Döttelmayer) #3

Thanks,… that´s what I thought;)