Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+


I have problems getting the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ in control mode - so I can get Zwift controlling the resistance - I am using BLE.

I also have the same trainer and, as far as I’m aware, it is not a ‘fully’ smart trainer i.e. the resistance can’t be changed.

As far as I can tell you alter the resistance with gear changes - I’m not aware of any ‘external’ way to alter the resistance.

If anyone knows any difference I’d also been keen to know

Hi Dag and Trevor,

The Elite Turbo Muin (Smart B+ or not) does not control resistance - it’s a fluid trainer that also happens to transmit wattage like a power meter rather than a smart trainer.

The Elite REAL Turbo Muin does change resistance, however.

Thanks Eric.

That backs up the research I’d done.

Hi, I cannot get the Watts to display on a ride and I simply don´t move, even when I am pedeling… any help is welcome!



Hi, i have the same problem like Christoph. Elite Turbo Muin Smart B connects but i don’t get any power resluts.


is there any solution? 


Thx Manu