Elite Real Turbo Muin disconnecting


since a few days, sometimes Zwift does not receive datas from my Real Turbo Muin (watts showing 0 and my avatar stops pedalling).

I’ve made 2 trainings today, this morning everything went well, but tonight impossible to pedal more than 30 seconds without being stopped by this problem.

My ant dongle is set near the roller, and after testing it with the Elite software, it works with no problem at all, so no way it’s ant communication problem. If other softwares communicate with my roller, so Zwift should do the same.

Any help ?

Had the same issues with die Muin and the Misuro B+ Module which disconnected very often during rides. Dongle was 1,5 Meters away from the Misuro B+. Got this problem fixed with a cable extension which brought the ANT dongle closer to the Misuro B+ (within 80cm). Had this problem only with Zwift. Seems that the refreshrate of Zwift is higher than the RR of the Elite Software. So maybe the effect of packet losses is more critical…

Maybe worth testing… Hope this helps!