Occasional Issue with Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+

Hi All,
I have the above smart trainer and for the most part works great, but I have an issue where I think i have nailed it down to if for example I am doing a Zwift race I want to get on nice and early, I join say 20-25 minutes early but am not on my bike yet peddling, what i find happens is when the race starts I have no electric resistance and my race is over before it starts, I used to have to quite zwift and re open, but today in game I had to quit my race, then went to the pairing screen in zwift, deleted my trainer re added my trainer, resumed my ride, (no longer in the race though) and the electronic brake was working.

to me its like the trainer or something goes to sleep, does anyone have any idea\s on what this could be and if it cant be fixed, I plan to post on the Elite forums as well, I am connected by Ant+ as well.

As a side note i normally just plug my trainer in to power, open zwift and ride immediately and never have an issue, its only when its plugged in and left for a while it seems to not work (onlt the resistance does not work, trainer still works on zwift for all other area’s)


Yes some trainers has a sleep function.

So you need to be on your bike 5 minutes before the start, unpair everything and repair. Then keep pedaling untill the start.

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Ah smart man, so join unpair repair and we are all good, ill keep that in mind does it let you go to the pairing screen without quitting the race ? so you dont lose your position ?

Yes it does. On windows press A.

Or go to menu bottom left.

super helpful thanks for that

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