Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ Trainer resistance woes

Hello. I’m hoping someone can help me with my trainer and zwift, and the issues I seem to have with the resistance. It’s a non-interactive smart trainer, and I realize that it’s not a controllable trainer. I’ve had it since December, and the manual resistance is set to 3 as per zwift instructions. All of a sudden, the watts I was able to put out dropped dramatically. I can barely put out 100w without dying. I’m pretty new to cycling etc, and my FTP is pretty low. My first FTP was 125, and it’s now increased to 147. I’m pretty sure if I were to take another ramp test, it would decrease to 70. I eventually changed the battery in the trainer as it wouldn’t connect to Zwift…that at least fixed that problem. The resistance problem started before I changed the battery. The first ride (training session) after changing the battery was great…it all seemed back to normal with the resistance I felt when I first got the trainer. Half way through my second ride (training session) though, the watts started to drop dramatically. It’s so frustrating not being able to meet the requirements of the training sessions. I could pump out 300w for short periods of time when needed, but now I can barely get past 100w. Anybody else had/have this issue? I’d really appreciate some advice! Thanks so much.

@Lisa_Briscoe did you receive any answer or did you find any solution? I’m dealing with the same issue now.
Thanks in advance