Last Update and Elite Qubo trainer problems

(Keith Allen 85kg PACK ZSUN) #1

If you have a problem with your Qubo smart trainer or other Elite trainer after the last update where if it is like mine where I can hardly turn the pedals at times or the trainer loads up a silly amount as soon as you connect to the app can you send ina ticket about your fault to Zwift so they can look into it. I have sent in my ride logs for them to look at. 

(Carlos Cancio) #2

No problem here, actually the update has been great as it has solved the issue of lack of resistance over BLT connection.  

(Keith Allen 85kg PACK ZSUN) #3

May be it is how they are set up out of the factory and some are effected more than others and I can not get an answer if they can sort it and others have sent the trainers back for warranty other on about coming off of Zwift. I have not got the money to buy another trainer or if I buy another make and they kill that as it looks like my days on Zwift are over as going from being about to 60 km to now only 10 km max and     I am almost dead is no joke and it is just so slow I cannot remotely keep up with group rides any more. Trouble is Trainer road and the like are not for me as I just want to ride and enjoy it for a hour or 2some nights with the odd longer rides at weekend added into the mix. 

(Brandon S) #4

I have this problem. I have the unit attached to Inside Ride rollers. The unit has become unusable in ERG mode when doing a workout! It squeals so loud as the resistance ramps up way too high. I use an external power meter.

(Keith Allen 85kg PACK ZSUN) #5

I have stopped riding to try not to kill my unit. How they can at first  be trying to tell me they can not un update it as surly all they do is change it back there end. I might try emailing Elite who I bet might be get a few trainers back. 

(Marcel Brummel) #6

I have the same issue, it’s not fun anymore, clims of 1-2% feel like 10-15% even downhill takes effort.

Any news on an update?

(Davide Manni) #7

With Elite QUBO Smart B+ (FE-C 1658) watts and cadence are very low (max 150w if i push 400+watt normally).  anyone know what to do? we must just wait a release?

Thanks for help


(Eric Moberg) #8

Currently using new 2018 InsideRide E-Motion smartrollers coupled with Zwift.

I am a seasoned and experienced rider.  Instructions were followed very carefully upon setup yet there are times Zwift indicates I am ostensibly going “downhill” yet I am still pushing the pedals very hard in a 39x23 gear with substantial resistance.  There is definitely no sensation of increasing and decreasing effort according to terrain.

What diagnostics are available to examine and remedy this condition?  Should this more likely be addressed by Qubo/Elite/InsideRide or likely by Zwift?  HELP!!!

(Dave Hughes) #9

ANy news on this? I’ve got a Qubo that had the firmware update to make it usable with zwift but now it’s giving really low power and making a dreadful noise!!