New user issues

Ok, so I am pumped about getting into zwift and recently purchased the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer, and Ant+ stick.  Unpacked it, mounted the bike, downloaded zwift, and started to ride.  Problem is, I am pedaling like crazy and maxing out the gears on my bike (low and high) and my rider is barely moving.  I rode maybe 1.2 miles and I feel like it was marathon.  Is the app really that difficult or is something not set up right.  I have the Elite FE-C 59444 paired for controlled trainer, cadence, and power.  The values seem to move, but in my hardest gear I am maxing it out at 120w and only going 5 mph.  Doesn’t seem right.  Help!  I want to ride. I am not a cyclist, but wanted to do this as an exercise regimen.  Thanks y’all.  Ride on!

Did you download the Elite app and calibrate the trainer before using Zwift?

Are you referring to myE training? It had a calibration area but that requires a separate power meter to read the values and update the device. I don’t have one of those.

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, I believe that Elite trainer REQUIRES a power meter for proper calibration. Otherwise the data will be all off (as you can see). I would contact Elite support and see what options they have for calibration without one.

I found an article last night that has some instructions to calibrate without a power meter. I am going to give it a shot when I get home from work.  I will post back with my results in case anyone else ends up with this issue.  It is also highly likely that I am just out of shape and this will improve with time.  However, it does seem that I am putting in an awful lot of effort for my virtual self to stay rolling at a decent pace.  Again, I am not an avid cyclist, I turned to zwift for a variable workout and terrain that I cant get outside my house (flat East Texas.)