Elite qubo Digital smart B+ averaging 40 watts 0.4 w/kg. Advice needed. Thank you

(Warwick) #1

Hello all

I have just got into indoor cycling in the hopes to bring back some of my old fitness.
I am 31 years old, 6ft 1, weighing around 95kg, BMI is just over ~26, no health issues.
I ride a hybrid bike with 27.5 inch wheel, I have a trainer tyre.
I have the Elite qubo Digital smart B+ connected by Bluetooth.

I know I have a long way to go to get back in proper shape but I am by no means unfit.
The last couple of 45 minutes rides on Zwift I average around 40 watts unless I go at it hard and I might be able to top it at 100 for a short while. I average 0.4 w/kg.

I am just looking for some advice if this would be considered normal or I am getting significant underperformance for some reason? Or does anyone know if I got bad equipment? Or if there is something I need to do to calibrate it some way.

All advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you

(Lauren) #2

There is a current known issue with this trainer’s resistance being off in Zwift. Pairing over ANT+ might make a difference. You can also calibrate your trainer with Elite’s My E-training app.

If none of this helps, then I’d encourage you to submit a support ticket so we can look into the issue further. :slight_smile:

(Warwick) #3

Hey. Thank you for the reply.

I have subsequently found this video on YouTube. It showed me how to change the P1 P2 P3 values. After a very quick test there is a substantial difference. Next I just need to get a power meter to get accurate P readings.

Video: https://youtu.be/btSGqBDTKDo