Zwift Elite Qubo elite digital smart B+

Been enjoying Zwift on a dumb trainer, and now want to make the move to a smart trainer. Limited budget so looking for the cheapest option that works. That looks at the moment like the Elite Qubo elite digital smart B+ (which is about £230 in UK). However, I have read different things about the power readings from this trainer (I think it calculates power virtually from speed). In particular, there are reports of it massively over-predicting, which would make it useless for Zwift. Others suggest it is ok (not super accurate, but only 20W or so out). Anyone got any experience of using these in Zwift? How have you found the power readings (ok, too low/too high?). I’m not too bothered if its out at the high end - but would need it to be reasonable up to about 300W



I recent purchased the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ for the smart trainer aspect to use with Zwift. My rollers are fine for the workouts, I’m interested in the road feel and after a couple of rides with the Qubo, it delivers. At the price ($450 US dollars) it has exceeded my expectations.

I have ride with a Powertap C1 power meter and comparing it with the Qubo, the Qubo is off about 20w-30w.

Elite has a procedure to calibrate the Qubo, but you need a power meter to get the numbers to enter.

I’ll be doing that here in the next couple of days using Elite’s troubleshooting guide.

Since I’m using a power meter with Zwift already, I’m not too worried about power metering with the Qubo and the smart feature works well.

Hi there,

I’d like to update my dumb trainer too. I’m looking for someone who will be able to change resistance automatically by connection with ZWIFT. If I will ride to the hill, the resistance will increase etc. Is ELITE QUBO DIGITAL SMART B+ works like this, or not?






yes but this trainer shows not the correct metrics

always too fast, would not recommend this trainer if you want to use zwift



I have this trainer and am fairly happy with it. My only issue is that it reads lower/slower than it should. I find it is constantly about 35 watts low which causes my speed to be significantly slower than it would be. Does anyone else have this issue?

This sounds to me that nothing has changed in the past 12 month, Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ can not be used

It’s a shame…

Works perfectly for my wife.  I ride it when she’s not around and it’s a good trainer.  Seems to be about the right power except for the very, very top end.  In a race, it maxes out a tiny bit before I do… we’re talking about the last few seconds of a race too.  We’ve used it on both BLE and ANT+.   Absolutely can be used on Zwift and beats the heck out of a dumb trainer!