Elite Trainer Qubo Digital - Smart B+

Anyone have one of these, planning to get one however will Zwift alter the resistance, and will the trainer allow the use of brakes etc.

It works well just be aware that the Watt you get from the trainer is completely off. It shows 250 but is realy on about 150 on my Powermeter.

Second, they tell that you should avoid breaking with the brakes 

i own one and it’s great on zwift, it has FE-C, so zwift will control the resistance. You can’t use the brakes on any elastomer trainer (qubo digital smart included).

About power i don’t have anything to compare with, and might not be 100% correct, but for sure is not 100w off, otherwise the ones that owns this trainer will be at the front of the pack, and is not the case. For me the reported power is good enough.

do you still need to buy the ant+ dongle for this trainer or can you use bluetooth to connect?

Hi there,

I’d like to update my dumb trainer too. I’m looking for someone who will be able to change resistance automatically by connection with ZWIFT. If I will ride to the hill, the resistance will increase etc. Is ELITE QUBO DIGITAL SMART B+ works like this, or not? Is’t possible to use it with iOS app, not PC or MAC needed?




It works like this. For riding Zwift and get the Video feed you need a PC. The companion App from Zwift does just give you informations arround the race but no Image.

Thanks Ingo.

Di you know about this? http://zwift.com/ios/ I’m not talking about standard iOS app. It’s like on PC(MAC.


I spoke for available Things not Beta…

I have found two things with the Elite Qubo digital smart b+

  1. Use ANT+ not Bluetooth, also you might need to reduce the resistance via the app with the down arrows, Watts are realistic.

  2. The issue I have found with the Bluetooth is I think was people have been experiencing, I am immediately at 400W but should be 60W, what is interesting the Bluetooth seams accurate on the Elite app.  

Bluetooth with Elite Qubo digital smart b+, pc and android does not work at all as a smart trainer. It does not find the trainer from power source. Instead you need to use classic trainer option and not listed trainer. When you ride it gives 400w with little pedaling. So you will climb hills with no problem and overtake everyone. It is not realistic…

I recently tested the iOS Zwift app no pc or mac found the trainer looked great, you can select to enable or disable dynamic mode eft or something forget the name when you select your route, if not in dynamic rode you can change your resistance by sliding the actions slider to far right and u will see two white squares and use for up and down resistance.
If you have trouble seeing your trainer unplug and plugin and try again you cannot use a classic that trainer in my finding.

Well i bought one and its perfect, works vet well.

Been using Zwift for training and Elite software for cycling THE Isle of Mull for practice and the resistance is very good

I am having issues and I was advised by Jason K. that there was only one other user with this issue and that it may be specific to my phone that I am using to link with bluetooth and only with Elite trainers.  He also advised that they would continue looking into the issue but it would take some time to figure it out as they are a small group and are working on expanding Zwift.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android version 6.0.1.  I am running Zwift on a Lenovo Yoga 14 Thinkpad running Windows 10.  Finally, I am using an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer.

Using bluetooth I see my Polar H7 heartrate monitor and Polar cadence sensor.  I can see QD in the list of controllable trainers but it will not appear in the Power setting.  In fact, nothing appears in the power setting.  I can see several other Elite trainers in the dumb trainer listings but not the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ which I would not expect to find anyway.

 Connecting by ANT+ I can connect to the FE-C 5900 trainer in the power setting and in the controllable trainer.  The issue that I keep having is that when I then go to connect my Polar H7 and cadence sensor, the ANT+ stops working.  I have to keep unplugging the ANT+ and restarting everything until it all hooks up and works as expected.  Once connected I was to state that it works without issue during the time I am riding.  The problem is that I keep having to go through this same process every time I ride.  I have tried to do several races but because I can’t get connected in time I have missed them.  REALLY, REALLY getting frustrated by it all.  Llama and DC really sold me on this one!

I am having real trouble. I use qubo digital smart b+ it works great with ant+ on laptop what I can not do is use the mobile link app. Both are on the same WiFi network. I cam use it to register for events and send a ‘ride on’ but that’s it. I can’t just ride, or use it forecasting etc. It stays orange on the menu page not blue to give the options. I have a bt smart hub. It really is driving me made. I want hubby to be able to cycle using blue tooth on tablet woth qubo and me in another room usong garmin ant + sensors on rollers. I’ve looked at bt smart hub and the port settings don’t have anything that relate to the port settings given by zwift. I’m finding it really annoying and I have to take laptop everywhere if o want to train away from home

If you are using IOS you can use the Zwift App to ride without problems

I have the same experience as Ingo. No problems with the Qubo Digital Smart B+, the Zwift iOS App and Bluetooth connection.