Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ - Can't find CONTROLLABLE


I received today my Elite but Zwift can’t find the " CONTROLLABLE ".
Should I update the Elite unit or I am missing something.
FYI, I used the app myETraining to test the resistance motor and it works.


What happens when you ‘search’ for the Controllable Olomana?

It wouldnt find my elite as a controllable trainer using bluetooth. Its supposed to be possible, but a lot of people have trouble with it. I gave up and bought a cheap ANT+ FE+C dongle instead which works perfectly.

I’ve got Elite B+ smart rollers. I find they don’t show up as a ‘Controllable’ trainer. However, if I go into ‘Cadence’, I can pick them from there.

Once I’ve done that I can then select them under ‘Controllable’ (where they now appear ‘as if by magic’), return to ‘Cadence’ and switch it to my chainset. The rollers then remain in ‘Controllable’ where they should have been in the first place.  

It’s quite likely this won’t work for you but it’s worth a go. Fingers crossed. 

Paul - Nothing happen, it will keep searching and searching… even after 10 minutes.

Marc A - I guess this will be my last resort.

Kit M.- I will try to see if you trick work, but hope it is software or need an update :( 
I bought it for my dad and told him it is plug and play.

Thanks all

You bought a set of rollers for your dad? That’s a good gift. I bet you’re his favourite. 

If the way I said about works, it only takes a few seconds to do and should remain set up the next time you try to log in with the same equipment. Let’s hope it’s something as simple as that. 

I bought the Qubo trainer because he gained some weight LOL.

Cool thanks for the clarification, I didn’t think about that. :slight_smile:

I might be wrong but I think they added Bluetooth later on in the product life, so definitely worth checking in the Etraining app that you have the latest firmware.

I’d recommend going with Mark A. and get yourself an ANT+ dongle  :slight_smile:

Will have a look in the shop for the ANT+ dongle :frowning:

Tested again tonight, and still can’t make it works…

Time to go hunt for a ANT USB!

‘I bought the Qubo trainer because he gained some weight LOL’

Whoops! I hope your dad doesn’t read the Zwift forums. 

Sorry to hear the simple fixes didn’t work. That’s disappointing. It’s always annoying when something doesn’t function as it should straight out of the box.

Hopefully an ANT+ dongle will sort things out. 

The qubo digital smart is not a smart trainer.  It only just broadcast power.  Therefore it doesn’t have the ability to control the resistance.


It uses a conventional fluid resistance.


Sorry but you are wrong.


It is not SMART, it is INTERACTIVE ;).

when I use with myETraining app, it will control the resistance.

So why not Zwift?!


Isn’t this the model you bought  Olomana?

It states, in the blurb, that it has ‘ANT+ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission’. 

Additionally, on the page you linked to, it says ‘Electronic wireless home trainers, fully interactive with ANT+ Fe-C and Bluetooth Smart. Resistance managed by software and apps by Elite and third parties (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Kinomap, The Sufferfest, …)’. 

As you can see, Elite actually mentions Zwift by name as one of the pieces of 3rd party software it works with. For it not to function straight out of the box is thoroughly disappointing. 

I take it you tried contacting Elite too? What did they have to say on the matter? 

Yes that’s the one I bought and not I didn’t contact elite yet.

I need to find that dongle first, because I am pretty sure Elite will send me a file to update the trainer. And to update you need to have an ANT+.


For info, going to ANT+ is night and day! 

Connect easier and work great.

But it is a shame it doesn’t work well with BT.

Especially when Zwift will be released for Android.

I’m glad you got it working but, as you said, it’s annoying it doesn’t work with Bluetooth when it should.