Can no longer connect Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer

I had my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Trainer connected with Zwift, but since the recent update that I got last night I can no longer connect. The Ant+ dongle is not seeing the trainer (or the trainer is not seeing the dongle).

I’ve updated my computer to the latest version of Windows 10, uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift numerous times, turned off the computer, restarted it, and nothing is recognized.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Mingelgreen



i too have the same issue with the same trainer it connects intermittently then says no signal and won’t find it again?

@Mark, can you tell me if the light on your trainer is working?

I have encountered exactly the same problem today. Zwift can no longer see the trainer. However, this seems to be hardware-related: the light on the Qubo Digital isn’t blinking when I connect it to the power outlet (it used to do so earlier).

Are you still getting these problems? I’ve had some hassle connecting the same trainer for the last 2 rides I’ve done. Worked eventually, but two versions of the trainer show up when setting up pairing and have to pair a few times before finally being able to get started.

Also get very high power levels that I know aren’t realistic for my ability, even compared to my old Tacx Flow, which was probably overestimating my power by 15%.

Not having the problem any more since I got fed up, packed up the trainer and shipped it back to the vendor for a refund. 

For now I am using a “dumb” wind trainer with a garmin speed and cadence sensor. 

I’m not going to race. Just looking to get some miles in over the winter and lose some weight. This seems to be fine for me for now. 

Took me a good 30 minute to find it on zwift and elite app even with 3meter usb cable. You will only get Ant+ trainer (plus code)  as i believe zwift don’t use the power curve. 

Would only give me elite real option first few times but kept trying on the trainer or power search. my light stays on now but im sure it used to blink continually.


Has anyone got a solution to this problem?

When i first got my trainer i managed to pair everything but my trainer was not in the list of trainers, and i think that´s why (not sure) my avatar/cyclist didn´t move. Then few days after, there came this big update (about one hour download time) and after that my trainer has not found the Zwift software although i can see a good signal from the ANT+ dongle. And there is also no red light on the resistance motor witch used to be there before.

I am getting fed up with this shxx and i am hoping for a solution


You probably touched the circuit board with the power plug while connecting the trainer to the power outlet. If that happened - your device is fried and thus permanently damaged. That’s why the red light isn’t blinking (although the device might still “hum” as if it were working properly).

Honestly, Elite did a really poor job designing the trainer. The power connector isn’t insulated from the circuit board at all. When you miss it by a few milimetres, you have a decent chance of destroying the device. Sadly, none of this is even mentioned in the instruction manual.

I contacted the manufacturer, who acknowledged the issue and advised me to return the device to the shop for a refund. Bear in mind, this was the second time I had to RMA the device. The original product broke down completely by itself after an hour of usage.

All in all, after a month without a functioning trainer, I’ve simply switched to Tacx Vortex.

@ Piotr Milinski

i think you might be on to something here, because the motor makes a little “humm” sound upon connecting the power but then nothing happens, and come to think of it i think i might have accidentally touched the one or both the circuits on the right because there once came a strange sound when connecting to power and the resistance motor went quite hot without doing nothing. (see photo in link).  

I think i will have to contact the seller, and try to send it back and get a refund 

Mine was returned a long time ago.

I’m more than happy right now with a Garmin speed and cadence sensor.



I just bought an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer but unfortunately can’t find on the lists while im trying to pair with Zwift through A+ dongle.
What shall i do?

Thank you

George Bizetas
Veria - Greece

…I just bought one, thinking it would be a not too expensive way to play along on Zwift, but after 10k it just stopped working. It was good while it lasted, which was not too long …