Trainer wont pair as power source

I’m having issues trying to pair my trainer with Zwift and after reading a lot of conflicting and outdated information thought it might be easier to ask.
My trainer is an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B + which has ANT + and as I understand since a relatively new update to Zwift on Android should be able to pair directly with my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and also has ANT +.
When I search for “Power source” in the Zwift app, nothing appears but if I search for “Speed sensor” it comes up straight away. The problem with doing this is that when I get into free roam my cyclist doesn’t move. From what I understand my trainer is a smart trainer so should be used through the powered option.
I’ve read that a ANT+ heart monitor can help but as I’m new to bike trainers I’d prefer to see if I like it before spending more money.
Has anyone else been through this and is there an easy fix to get it going?

[quote=“Matt_Keysers, post:1, topic:503722”]
Elite Qubo Digital Smart B
[/quote] I don’t see how a HR monitor will help but let’s try and help you with pairing your trainer to your phone. On your phone, can you pair your trainer with the Elite app? and if so so can you see power and speed?

Ok, so i spoke to the good folks at Elite who advise me that I have the Elite Qubo Digital, not the Smart B+ version.
From what i could gather the heart rate monitor was to bridge he connection types from the trainer to the app / PC version
I have downloaded the Elite app which pairs fine, I can see power, speed and cadence as I pedal. Where to from here?

According to their website the Qubo Digital Interactive trainer utilizes the ANT+ protocol. When you say that the Elite app works fine, which device is running the Elite app? PC or phone? I’m going to assume that you mean phone and that your trainer communicates fully with your phone no problem so you have two choices.

You can pick up an inexpensive ANT+ dongle for your PC and be back in business. If you don’t want to use ANT+ you might try to bridge your PC thorough the Zwift Companion app running on your phone but on the same WiFi network.

You’re correct in assuming the Elite app is running on my phone.
The trainer has ANT but when I tested it with Zwift, I was using my phone also, not the PC. So it communicates with the Elite app on my phone, detects as non powered trainer only on Zwift app, but rider doesn’t move in free roam.
Interestingly I tried it with my PC last night with phone as a bridge and the PC wouldn’t detect the trainer at all even when I had the companion app running on my phone.
I’m going to grab an ANT dongle over the weekend and try that with my PC, fingers crossed.
Ideally id like to run the Zwift app on my phone and cast / mirror it to a TV as my laptop is usually in another room. One step at a time.

According to Zwift support pages: “When using Zwift on a PC—you’ll need to use the Zwift Companion (ZC) app on your mobile device to create a “bridge.” With this bridge in place, ZC will convert your trainer’s BLE signal into a format that your computer can recognize.“

Since your trainer does not have Bluetooth I think the Ant+ dongle is your only option.

But…, I am not sure why your Elite app works fine on your phone but Zwift won’t work. You might call Elite and see what they say.

So after receiving my ANT dongle and placing it next to my trainer with a usb extension lead plugged into my laptop, it still didn’t work.
I was able to get the watt s to show on the companion app but no luck on the pc.

I contacted elite who were very helpful and responsive and sent me a pdf of how to update the firmware on the trainer. After following the steps my pc now recognises it as a powered trainer and provides me all the telemetry on screen, it works! The catch here is that after updating, the trainer will no longer work with the training device it came with.

I am yet to check the difficulty feedback for inclines etc. as I ran out of time but everything looks promising. Very impressed with the 15 minutes or so I got to use it. :grin: