Elite Qubo Digital Wireless connection to Zwift

Hi I have the Elte Qubo Digital Wireless ANT trainer. Not sure how to connect it correctly with Zwift? It cannot be connected as a trainer transmitting power so I have to connect via speed and cadence. When I connect my garmin sensor it then brings up a list of trainers. This particular trainer is not listed. Is there an equivalent in the list of trainers? I can ead my power and set power through the elite head unit which controls via the ANT signal to the rear flywheel. Any advice. I have contacted elite for software update, they have said the trainer is is the old model and not available.

Hey Petra, thanks for writing in! The Elite Qubo Digital Wireless is technically not compatible with Zwift, therefore you would choose the “Not Listed” trainers option after connecting your speed sensor. You can learn more about this here: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/which-trainers-does-zwift-support-By_k0JHQ

CTRL F for Elite Qubo Digital.

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