Elite Qubo Digital Interactive rider not moving

I just purchased the Elite Qubo Digital Interactive trainer with ANT+ USB key.  I carefully set up the trainer.  Connected the DC power into the unit then ensured I connected the plug to a surge protector.  I use a MacBook Pro running the latest OSX 10.12.2 (Sierra).  Logged into Zwift under my profile and paired the Power meter, Cadence and Smart trainer I believe properly.  I ride and my avatar does nothing.  I then purchased a 12 foot USB extension and placed the ANT+ 12 inches from the Red blinking unit on the back of the trainer.  Still my rider just sits there.  Could I have a defective unit?  Am I missing a pairing process?  Ive yet to ride a single Km.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.  Cheers…Glen

Can you post a picture of the pairing screen?

I will…I am making headway after a PRAM reset/reboot of my MAC.  Standby please, now I am getting both ANT+ devices and Bluetooth devices showing up.  I was able to see my rider move but the cadence is not working.  Also when I stopped and got off (i’m not in riding attire yet) I get “No SIgnal” in the pairing screen on the various devices I just paired.  I have a good strong Netgear Wireless network throughout the home and have my Samsung S7 on the 5G network as is the MacBook.  I still need to get an ANT+ Heart rate monitor and some fans.  Screen shot coming in a bit…thank you!

and then this…


O…I may have this sorted out going back to Zwift Mobile Link…

It was a bit wonky to get going…I’ll see how stable this stays…Thanks for replying!


Great. You solved it! 

Hi Glen and Eric

I have also purchased this week the Elite Qubo Digital, which claims to have ANT+ wireless technology. Will this not work with Zwift, do I need an actual hard connection and if so, can you recommend what is best to buy.



I have made progress and used my Garmin Ant, but I am not moving. When I paired my trainer, the actual trainer didn’t appear, so I selected another Elite, but I think this may be my problem or is it that the Ant + is not connected with a long lead ?