Zwift cannot find elite digital smart b+ trainer via bluetooth


Please excuse my post, im hoping for a little bit of help if possible.

I have just purchased an elite qubo digital smart b+ trainer,  Im struggling to get the trainer to connect so I can use zwift. I have looked at other threads and seen issues with the tacx connection issues, but unsure if they relate to my connection problems.

So I have downloaded zwift to my pc which installed ok, I have installed the android mobile link and I have my trainer switched on, All I get is on the screen on my pc where you click to pair a device is the radio signals coming from the Bluetooth, tho this tells me Bluetooth is working the zwift app cannot find any devices to connect too.

I have my laptop paired with my mobile - should I need to do this?

the trainer is not paired with either my the laptop or my phone - it will pair with my laptop but not with my mobile!

Please if anybody can help , please advise as ive got a fair bit of xmas celebrations to burn off :o)


Do not pair the laptop and phone using Bluetooth, this will be done over WiFi. 

Thank you for your response, both laptop and phone are both now unpaired but afraid im still having the same issues. I have sent a ticket to zwift, which hopefully they can help me with

Also make sure your trainer is not connected to any other apps or devices, Bluetooth can only connect to one thing at a time and that should only be the Zwift mobile app.

Hi Paul, the trainer is not connected to anything, im just puzzled why it wont find it as my laptop can find the trainer (tho its not connected to it) just hope zwift get back to me with a fix


I’m having the exact same problem. Did you solv your problem already?



Hi Francisco,

the issue didn’t resolve, even with trying to use the zwift mobile link, i ended up buying an ant + dongle from amazon for about £15.00 It now works a treat

hope this helps