Direto not connecting. Please help

 Hi. Newbie here. I cannot connect Zwift to my new Direto Elite trainer because Zwift doesn’t recognize trainer under “Search- controllable trainers”

I’ve tried with and without Android phone and Zwift app connected to my Windows laptop

This is very frustrating as I’m anxious to join the Zwift community.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Are you trying to connect the trainer to Zwift using ANT+ or Bluetooth?

More info is needed to assist you.


thank you

Here is the link for using the ZML to bridge BLE: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/205055065-Zwift-Mobile-Link?section=200993429

A better option is to use an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension.

thanks, did all that, started pedaling, and zwift on laptop still says 'searching"

It doesn’t recognize that I have a smart trainer

  1. Is this a frequent occurrence?

  2. What exactly do I buy for ANT+ /extension cord and where do I buy those


Thanks very much for the timely help


The ZML can be a little tricky to figure out on the bridging part.

Here is what you would need for ANT+: https://shop.zwift.com/products/zwift-ant-starter-pack

You can find the them on Amazon and any other retailer. One of your friends might have an extra ANT+ dongle if the purchased a Garmin watch a few years ago.

Switching to ANT+ simplifies the connection process.

Just an FYI, Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time so would need to make sure that the trainer is not connected to any other device or app (including your phone) before starting Zwift.

thanks much Paul



Zwift store sold out

Bought Garmin on Amazon

thanks again


Me again

The blue light on my trainer says bluetooth is connected, as my mobile app is open on my Android

My Android phone says nothing is connected to bluetooth

My Zwift app indicates it is connected to my phone’s mobile Zwift bridging app


Zwift on laptop still doesn’t recognize my trainer

This is very frustrating :slight_smile:

It should work


I’ll try the ant+ when I receive it


Are the phone and the computer on the same WiFi network?

I knew that the ANT+ dongle and extension was sold out, I just used the link as a reference.

Yes, on same home wifi network

I had the same issues on my Direto.  It is a Zwift problem (the Trainerroad app works perfectly over BT).  Anyhow, for Zwift forget bluetooth.  Plug your ANT+ dongle (I got this one - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00LIIMHP4 ) into your PC, give it a moment to install whatever drivers it needs.

You may need a usb extension cable, you may not, it depends on your setup.  Usually line of sight will work fine over the length of a room.

Start Zwift up, give the crank a couple of turns.  The lights will come on on the trainer.  Enter the pairing menu, you’ll notice an ANT+ logo on the top left of the screen now, it should be pulsing.  Your trainer should be called “Elite FE-C 9216”.  Select it and away you go.

The next time you start Zwift after that, just give the pedals a spin and it should select it automatically, giving you a brief timer before moving onto the main screen.

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Tom Jeffs
Thank you very much!
I’ve ordered the ant+ dongle and will follow your instructions.
Sounds straight forward. Really appreciate the help.