Trainer won't connect to Zwift - Support is unresponsive and unhelpful

I recently purchased the Wahoo complete pain cave setup to use with Zwift. This includes the KICKR, Climb, Headwind, Stand.

I got my bike setup in the trainer and everything pairs fine to the Wahoo app. It also pairs fine to the Zwift app on my iPhone.

I am hoping to use Zwift mainly while connected to a Windows PC. I have an HTPC is no longer in use so I moved this to the training room. I purchased both a USB BLE adapter as well as an ANT+ adapter to cover all of my bases with connectivity.

When I load up Zwift it doesn’t detect any of the devices. The ANT+ device appears to be working with the icons but Zwift is claiming my bluetooh receiver is off. When I look through device manager everything appears fine. I have enabled it to be discovered and everything. For some reason Zwift thinks it’s off though.

So okay, why not use ANT+ - well when I click on the settings option it says it can search for bluetooth devices witgh “BETA: Use built-in bluetooth” or using the Zwift companion app. Using the companion app is greyed out though. No idea why, I don’t see any options for using ANT+. Why is this?

I’ve opened a support case on this and they keep sending me the links for troubleshooting ANT+. Which is totally unhelpful. I’ve read over this fifty times. I asked if we could do a live session and they responded saying okay and asked the times I was available. I gave them all day yesterday and they failed to ever respond.

I followed up last night asking them if I should just switch to TrainerRoad and they still havent responded.

Is support always this terrible? Can anyone else help me figure out what is going on?

Take out the Bluetooth dongle, uninstall Zwift (all important data is stored on Zwift’s servers), restart computer, re-download and reinstall Zwift and see if that resolves your issue. Do not reinsert the Bluetooth dongle.

Make sure you connect the trainer using Ant+ FE-C. I would also recommend a USB extension cable to get the ANT+ dongle as close to the trainer as possible.

Almost always. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your paring screen should look something like this. with ANT+ you don’t have to turn it on, you will see the icon top left and then you can just click “Search” for power Source and Controllable.

The settings icon appeared with the native Bluetooth beta, and it only allows you to select which Bluetooth connection to use. ANT+ and Bluetooth can be used at the same time. As long as you see the throbbing circle around the ANT+ icon, it is active. If no devices are found, it may be that your ANT+ dongle isn’t close enough to your devices or is too close to your PC. As @Paul_Allen suggested, you may need a USB extension cable.

This sequence is probably unnecessary and likely a waste of time. This is just the kind of bad advice you are likely to get from Zwift’s first tier of support.

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This option will only appear if you are running the Zwift Companion App (not the actual Zwift app) on your phone/tablet and the phone/tablet is connected to the the same network as your PC. In that configuration, you can use the Zwift Companion App as a Bluetooth bridge.

I actually use that configuration most of the time, as I find that it works the best for me. YMMV.

@Jim_Mattson: I don’t see it as bad advice, problem solving has to start somewhere, and this is a good place to start.

Ya, I don’t think it is a waste of time at all. It will more than like resolve the issue.

Now just throwing out random ideas that could resolve the issue is bad advise and a waste of time.

Lets not throw darts at a board and hope it sticks.

Well, I unplugged bluetooth, installed the companion app, moved the ANT+ stick from a USB port on the back of the computer to the front, and now it is all working.

Not sure which of these steps resolved it but it appears to be working now. Woohoo.

Thanks for the quick responses guys.

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Glad to hear it! Enjoy the Zwift experience!