Bluetooth support vs ANT+?

Is there a plan to be compatible with bluetooth 4.0 as well? My Wahoo cadence meter is only BT so I can’t get cadence with Zwift right now

Yes, but I don’t have an ETA for that right now.

Good because ant+ transmission range is very limited. My PC is about 6 feet from my trainer and without a USB extension cord to bring the ant+ dongle closer it does not work. Obviously having a extension cord next to the bike is not the best solution.

Yeah, I was counting on BT to be able to start using Zwift. I have all Wahoo stuff which is BT and ANT+ but because I’m an Apple guy I just carry my phone on the bike and don’t have any ANT+ connectivity from my phone or Macs. Was pumped when the Mac support came out assuming the built-in BT would be supported. :frowning: Based on Jon’s comment I guess I should just buy an ANT+ dongle rather than wait for the BT support.

@Brian you and me both, I was hoping to start riding today, but now I gotta wait for my ant+ to arrive. Oh well I’m just glad I got an invite :slight_smile: I’ll be on the island all day tomorrow!

Agreed! I was very excited to start riding on the island only to realize that my KICKR would not work with BT–I am thinking of waiting until ZWIFT goes to BT…or on to Amazon to buy a ANT+ Dongle—which one works the best??

I wouldn’t wait for BT to be supported to start riding. Just get the ant+ USB off Amazon. it’s worth it!

@Guilaume - I’m pretty sure that all the Wahoo sensors support both BT and ANT+. I did go ahead and buy the ANT+ dongle for my Mac and all my Wahoo gear joined the network.

To bump this request… I’m looking at a Powertap for better power readings than virtual power. But, I use my phone as a head unit on the bike and IOS8 doesn’t like ANT dongles and I really don’t want to have to swap back and forth to make it work so Bluetooth all the time would be nice.

all my devices are dual-band. I’ve been able to avoid ANT so far, but I guess the $40 USB dongle is the cost of using the Zwift beta.

I’m really excited to ride on the Zwift island so I’m looking forward to BT support.  All my devices - Cyclops Powerbeam Pro, HRM, and cadence are all BT only.  Any updates for BT?

So no ETA for BTLE in February.  How about now?


HI, Same question, is there any movement towards Blue Tooth> I have cycleops powerbeam bluetooth model and tried to use Zwift for the first time and I cant. I had assumed it would work. my bad.


C’mon, any ETA/update/news respect this topic?. I have a Bushido (BT only) and i want to try zwift.

We’re working on it - when there’s an update we’ll be sure to post.

Hi Guys,

Are we getting nearer with Bluetooth - last post was 28 July. Sorry juts waiting to get to use this great product.

Like lots of folk, I’m waiting for Bluetooth - and won’t be using Zwift until then because I don’t have, need or want any ANT+ kit. Please give us an update and fast forward this funtionality.

Any updates on Bluetooth!!!

Internally here at Zwift we’ve successfully done a few test rides via our Bluetooth devices, so there’s been some great progress.  We will release official support when it’s ready, and I’d suspect an early version would be ready in the next 45 days.  Just need to iron out the worst of the issues.

It is unlikely we’ll support control of smart trainers over BLE at the initial launch, but speed/cadence sensors, HR straps, and power meters will all be working and will be part of the initial bluetooth support we release.

Hello Team Zwift.  I’m glad BLE support has started to happen.  I own a Cyclops Powerbeam Pro (bluetooth) trainer and I’m looking forward to having Zwift support that as well.