Bluetooth support vs ANT+?

Thank you! I’ve been waiting for any kind of bluetooth ETA for more than six months now. I understand that those 45 days are an estimate, but for all of us waiting, any news is better than no news.

And also, if you could maintain that timeline the timing would be perfect for us up in the cold wet north. Fingers crossed!

Nice! We all waiting for BLE releace! Dont stop - and u will have many new $ubscribers ;-) 

Really excited to try out on my inride once Bluetooth is available.

Same here…i’m waiting on BTE too. As have Wahoo BT cadence & HR sensors.

Lee, the second-generation BlueSC is both BT and ANT. Likewise, most HR sensors from Wahoo send both.

Thanks tedder, I think i must have the 1st gen, as mine look nothing like the new black dual band version. Currently in the market for a new trainer to replace my aging Elite Mag.

So far it’s a toss up between the Tacx Bushido and Wahoo Snap.

My funds are dedicated towards a new trainer, so i can use the better features of Zwift.

EDIT: I’ve bought a Wahoo Snap. Roll on the bluetooth update.


Can you confirm that Zwift will support both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices simultaneously please?

I’ve read elsewhere that it’s on the ‘Things to do’ list. But is not going to be featured for a while? I’m sure someone else will chime in with a more detailed answer. I’ve now upgraded to the newer Wahoo SC speed/cadence sensor that is Bluetooth & ANT+.

Good news! BLE beta for iOS is here and ready for public testing. Here are instructions on how to get started. 

This is great news!  Thank you for supporting BLE.  However, after following your instructions, it seems it doesn’t work.  I was able to pair all my BLE devices (HRM, Cadence, and Speed + Trainer).  I have the CycleOps Powerbeam Pro but since that’s not supported yet, I chose the Fluid model.  After entering the Beta code and pairing my devices, when I start to pedal the rider doesn’t move. It just sits there.  I do see my heartrate and cadence move but the MPH doesn’t. In the pairing devices section, I see the MPH go up when I’m pedaling but not on the game itself.  Let me know if I missed a step.

Bing, you’ll need to pair the powerbeam as a power meter if you want to be able to use it (and I don’t think we’ve ever tried a powerbeam over Bluetooth at Zwift, but it might just work).  

Speed+cadence is only for classic style trainers.   Don’t pair it as a controllable trainer, as we don’t currently control those over BLE yet.

Trevor Daniel, you can pair ANT+ and BLE at the same time, yes.

Thanks Jon.  When i choose the “Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer”. it detects my Jarv Speed/Cadence sensor device and then it asks me what my trainer is and that’s where I choose the Cyclops Fluid (I actually chose different ones to see if made a difference).  Can I not use it this way?  I do see my MPH go up when I’m pedaling during pairing section but when I switch to the game, it just stays 0.  

Bing, by choosing an incorrect trainer you will get garbage wattage values and possibly get flagged for an incorrect setup (which means you won’t be counted towards leaderboards).   If that trainer broadcasts as a speed sensor over BLE it *might* work, but you most likely should pair it as a power meter if you want a proper experience in Zwift.

Got it.   I did a quick test and as you suggested, I paired my Powerbeam Pro as a “Power Source” and it paired.  I started to pedal and the game crashed but when I started again it seems to work.  I only tested it for 2 minutes so I’ll try more tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks for your help Jon.

Woho, at last! Great work guys. I’ll be giving this a shot as soon as I get home tonight.

brilliant news! :slight_smile:

Just tried it out and have a couple of challenges…

  1. i found i had to kill the mobile app after switching BLE sensor on to get it connect - just FYI

  2. i connect the app via BLE, choose my speed sensor - i am asked for my trainer, which is a Fluid - all good, so i can see sensor and trainer in ‘classic’ mode

  3. when i return to the ride screen, i can see cadence & speed on mobile but my rider doesn’t move - any clues pls?

Hey Scott - we’re looking into this issue. Follow the official feedback forum for updates: 

Is it possible to do a workout via Bluetooth on a kickr? Riding a Watopia ride is possible, but how does it work with the workouts?

I really don’t want to spend $50 for the ANT dongle that I would only use with zwift.  Any update on when I can use BT to work with my KICKR?