Wahoo Kickr v5 wired connection

Does anybody know when the wired connection will be turned on and whether zwift will be compatible with it?

I get so many drop outs on ANT+ and zwift won’t recognise the Bluetooth on my PC (despite the PC being able to connect to my trainer directly)… a wired connection seems like the solution to my problems!

Never gonna happen. I wish there was some kind of wired communication standard that all trainer makers could implement as an option to BT or ANT+, just for the reason you are experiencing. There are some environments where it’s very hard to not have interference.


How far away is your ANT+ dongle from your trainer? It seems very odd that you would have ‘so many’ drop outs if it is placed within a couple of feet of your trainer.

It’s within a couple on inches!!! It seems to drop out when I free wheel mostly. I’ve mad sure that there is no other 2.4ghz frequency broadcast nearby but every now and again, it cuts out… normally once a week, maybe twice.

Ah well… hopefully wired connection will come along soon!!

Hi Tim,
just a thought, but would it be worth trying a different Ant+ dongle?
I’ve been using a Garmin one, and never had a problem.
I position it just to the right of my bike, off the floor, at about crank height.

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Probably a good shout! I’ll order the tacx one…


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I was having an intermittent drop with Ant + and I seemed to have resolved it by eliminating the Ant+ cord.
I don’t know if the old one had a short or was too long.
I think it’s about 4 feet.
I was going to buy a new cord but everything seems good without it.

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Aside from having a good ANT+ dongle, you need a quality USB extension cable as well. Like all things, they are not created equal. A quick google for 2m cables and I find $2 USD all the way up to $12 USD. Not saying you need the most expensive cable, but be wary of the cheapest cable which may or may not work. I personally had issues w/two brand new cables before getting a third that has been flawless for years now. Furthermore, even good dongles and cables go bad. I had a Garmin dongle die after about 3yrs.

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