Wahoo Kickr Bike Bluetooth Connection With Zwift Issues

Just bought a new Wahoo Bike and during a half hour ride I had about 4 or 5 connection drops across the board. My Ant+ Garmin thumbdrive is connected to the computer tower and is within 5 feet of the bike. I decided to try the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone 8+ instead because BLE (bluetooth) is faster than ANT+ but I cannot get the bluetooth on Zwift game to work. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Regarding the ANT+ dongle, I’ve often read that people recommend getting it closer than yours currently is, generally using a USB extension cable.

For the bluetooth issue using your iPhone, it might be the issue described in the following thread: Bluetooth pairing issues using iOS Companion app [September 2021] [v3.28] [SOLVED]
Good luck with getting resolution.

I second the extension cable. I had a heck of a time with Bluetooth and switched to ANT+, until Wahoo said I should be back on BT.

I have the dongles sitting under my trainer in small plastic bags to keep the sweat off and out of them. The two are literally right under the main electric part of the trainer. I still, occasionally get a drop, but it’s only on the order of once every couple of months. Both protocols use horribly crowded frequencies, so maybe an ANT+ V2 can fix it, but who knows when that might happen, and that would mean buying new sensors. Bluetooth needs to move to a different frequency too, but they are likely in the same mess that ANT+ would have. Forcing people to buy new sensors.

If only more companies went to a direct connect to totally avoid the whole frequency/ether mess totally.

Oh, the Amazon Basics USB extension seems to be a fantastic cable. It’s shielded, I believe…

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I noticed this behaviour for me today as well. New. Have kickr bike and zwift on Apple TV. Random signal drops and bike stops. Need to re-pair. Annoying. Never had before in over a year.

Software change?

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Same happened to me just now - Kickr Bike, Apple TV, Zwift - all connections drop out every 10 minutes or so, never happened before.

I had to stop, go back to the pairing menu on Zwift (everything paired again immediately, without intervention from me), then resumed riding, until the same thing happened again ten minutes later.