bluetooth connection problems

 I have a Wahoo Kickr that I’m connecting by bluetooth to an iPad pro with a wahoo cadence meter and heart monitor.

Over the last few weeks since converting from Ant+ to Bluetooth I have noticed the following problems:

  1. In the middle of every other ride I will be pedaling along and the resistance on my trainer will go to zero. Watts on my screen will register “–” and the bike will pull over the side of the road. As the fly wheel slows down on the trainer I can start pedaling again and about 75% of the time it will pick back up and I’ll continue on my ride. Other times it won’t pick up and resistance will still be zero. The bike will move but despite being in my top gear it pedals like I’m in my lowest gear. The bike will move up the mountain SLOWLY despite cadence of 120 in high gear. Sometimes I have to end the ride and start the ride over again. This seems to fix it. However, when doing an FTP ride this can be extremely frustrating.

  2. I’ve noticed over the last week that my last four rides I have not been able to see any fellow riders on the screen. I’m riding alone although the right hand side of the screen where I usually see names says only my name and then lists “over 1230 riders” under my name.