Issues when riding

I just started having issues when I ride. I tried to do a race but when it began I sat on the line with 0 watts. I thought that maybe I let my wahoo kickr Sit idle too long and it disconnected.
Last night I tried to do a training session with ERG mode and the watts were all over the place. It would go to zero,even though I never stopped pedaling then after a few seconds jump back to showing watts. I tried logging off, shutting down my iPad. I then tried it using my iphone and got the same results. Anyone else have this issue?

Hi @Dennis_Phelan, it sounds like you are getting some bluetooth interference which can be caused by numerous things in your environment.

Can you give us a run down of your equipment and how you connect to Zwift? The more details the better.


I’m using a wahoo kickr, Wahoo HR monitor, Ipad with IOS 13.4.1 and I tried my iPhone with the same update. I use Bluetooth for my connections. I use Zwift almost daily and this was the first time I had any issues. My Zwift companion app said that there was 9k people zwifting at the time. I called a friend to see if he was having trouble and he said Zwift wouldn’t let him log in at that time.

I plan on trying it again tonight when I get home.

The day I had the issue with the race I had used Zwift for a training session, which was on April 3rd at 5:09 pm Eastern US time. The race was at 6:15 and the Kickr sat idle for about 15-20 minutes before the race was started. I couldn’t leave the line because it showed 0 watts even though I was pedaling (I was going to dominate that race :slight_smile: I assumed I had just let the Kickr sit idle too long and the power source lost its Bluetooth connection. Not 100% sure of that but that’s what I assumed.

I’m not sure either. I have a Kickr Core, but I use ANT+ because I had so many signal drops when using bluetooth. Drop your last log file into and see what it can tell you about the bluetooth connection. You might want to try some of the usual fixes to try and reduce the amount of bluetooth interference like switching the channel on your wifi router, turning off all other bluetooth devices while you ride, etc. There are a lot of other posts about bluetooth issues on the forums that might give you other ideas to try too.

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I figured out the issue. My Wahoo Tickr hr monitor is the issue. I’m going to replace the battery and hopefully that fixes the problem.

I went for a mtb ride that wasn’t very hard at it said my max HR was 207. I’m 54 and my actual max HR is about 182. When I noticed that I figured it might be interfering with Zwift. I tried Zwift without the HR and it worked fine. I then put on the Tickr and tried and power was all over the place. Took it off, tried again and Zwift worked perfectly.

Thanks for all the replies. On a side note I ordered the ant+ key and will be using that as son as the Apple adapter arrives.