Wahoo Kickr resistance Issues

Hi, anyone else having issues with wahoo kickr and restistance?
The last month has been great, it worked fine 2 days ago, start my workout today and getting no changes to resistance, currently doing the FTP 6 week program. Trainer wouldn’t let me go over 70 watts after warm up. Tried to cycle erg on/off-nothing. Unplugged trainer, disconnected Bluetooth.
Blue light was flickering, as soon as I start peddling turns solid and shows no signal on paired devices page.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix it that would be great. Stuck self isolating so the day’s are going to be so much longer now.

Hi, I had this issue a couple of times and it usually happened when I connect the kickr to the tablet using zwift and also to my garmin. When I disconnect it to the garmin and re start the app it works fine. Let me know if this is your case as well.

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Hi, Garmin isn’t connected. Only app open is Zwift on the iPad and then Spotify and wireless headphones on the iPhone which is normal.
I’ve unplugged the trainer, turned off Bluetooth on all devices

Left it for a while unplugged, unpaired everything and reconnected and now it’s all good :grinning:

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don’t forget to open wahoo app and connect trainer to keep firmware updated.