Odd Wahoo Kickr Power Inconsistencies

Hello all. I did post a thread on this a few weeks ago, and we found a fix for it, but both my son and I ran into this last night. Wondering if anyone else has had issues like this. Here is my detail.

Setup: Two kickr’s. My son and I. One reads Bluetooth off an iPhone(son) the other was ant+ on a pc(mine). Both have garmin and power tap pedal based PM. Both using Tickr HRM. Workouts are built in Zwift.

Issue. Wanting to do structured workouts, the power was dropping, then locking down the trainer sporadically, so the power was all over the place. Had this before and wound up having to do a factory reset spin down per Wahoo. Fixed the issue previously. Last night both of us had to do a factory reset twice. The first time, both trainers were plugged in, and both times the first one did not really work. Second time, we only had one trainer plugged in at a time. Has anyone had this happen, and have any of you found a cause for the apparent trainer freak out? Wondering if somehow the trainers are fighting each other. BTW, we do not leave them plugged in all the time.

Thanks for any advance feedback.