Sudden Kickr issue…

Been using a Kickr on Zwift since Zwift was beta…been flawless. Now on my second Kickr - a V5 I bought in 2020. Suddenly I am experiencing an issue: I can get speed, but no power or resistance. After spinning for several minutes, I’ll get a few power spikes. After 20 minutes of that, suddenly the Kickr snaps into action and works just fine. Same issues in the wahoo app or Zwift - been through all of the restarts, check for interference, etc.

My question is do I wait for wahoo help? Or do I just call it and get a new trainer? My current trainer is out of warranty and so far, wahoo help has not been of any assistance.

I saw the same thing the other day as I was trying to do a warmup before ZRL. It eventually worked itself out, but I’m not really sure what caused it or how it fixed itself. I’d monitor workouts moving forward and try to take a video and screenshots of the setup if it happens.

FYI, I have the same trainer.

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I had the exact same issue a few months ago. After a lot of back and forth with wahoo support, they ended up replacing it under warranty. Given my experience, I’d just buy a new one.

Out of curiosity, are you finding a brown fluid around the feet/back of the unit? And on your chain?
I had that. Not sure if it was a cause, a symptom, or a coincidence. I fought through the issue for at least a month before getting a replacement.

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Thanks for the replies…no fluid that I see other than a little excess lube.

Eric, i have the same exact issue. i am wondering same as mine is out of warranty as well. the only thing different in my set up is i just up graded to iphone 15.

I worked through it with wahoo tech support for a few days and nothing helped. I paid about $350 to get a refurb of the same generation. Took about a week of so to get it done.

No issues with the quality of support or warranty…frustrated that the trainer only lasted a couple seasons. Oh well.