Wahoo kickr v5 shows no power on Zwift/Wahoo app

I oredered 2 weeks ago new Kickr V5, I downloaded new firmware and then I raced on Zwift. Yesterday, I tried ride on Zwift but my avatar wasn’t rode. I saw that power is on the 0 watt. On Wahoo app is that same trouble. Trainer resistance is very softly. Trainer make some strange noise and is loud in compare with two days ago when trainer work perfectly.

I tried forgot sensor on wahoo app and I do process again but it is a same (I tried on two diffrent phones device). Also I tried factory spindowmn but speed is on 0 km/h level.

Now I try connect via wahoo direct connect but nothing change. Trainer was turned off (plug wasn’t in the socket).

Do you have any solution ?

Try contacting Wahoo support

The trainer was unplugged? That would do it for sure.
The wahoo direct connect “quick connect” needs a bit of force to seat properly.

If neither of those fix your issue, I agree. Contact Wahoo support.