Zwift says zero watt

Hi Zwifters!

I am riding a wahoo kickr v. 4. It has worked fine but now it says, it is connected - but shows 0 watt.
Any suggestions on what to do?

First thing to check is that the trainer is not paired to any other device not event to the PC

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Thanks @gerrie
Like if it was paired to my phone ?
I closed All apps on my phone so it shouldnt be that - any other ideas on How to check that ?

Sounds like you should do a Zwift calibration. (the little tool wrench by “Unpair”) This happens to me a lot and it works after the calibration, or i unplug the trainer and plug it back in. Give either of those a try. Or do both! :grin:

Hi Hans, thanks for reaching out!

In case you havent yet, I’d recommend updating the firmware on the Kickr. This can be accomplished in the Wahoo app. Here are the steps to accomplish this on iOS, and Android!

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!

Hi @Hans_Hornemann

Also, have you confirmed if the KICKR produces power readings on other apps (e.g., Wahoo app) or is the problem only happening in Zwift?

If the device fails to produce power readings in other apps, then I’m sorry to say it might be a technical fault with your KICKR, in which case Wahoo Support would be your best resource for help.

It’s much better to use the trainer manufacturer’s app to do calibration, rather than through Zwift.

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