Connection dropping

My connection from my Wahoo kickr to my laptop with zwift continually drops. Is there a way to hardwire the kicker to the laptop? I do not see a port. I am tired of riding and losing the ride because my wattage goes to zero.

Can you give a rundown of your setup.

If possible I would suggest using a USB extension and an ANT+ dongle. Also make sure you are connecting using ANT+ FE-C on the pairing screen.

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Hi Judy, I had similar problems and used a website called zwiftalizer that looked at the log file and helped troubleshoot. I wound up needing to get a usb extension for my ANT+ sensor. If you’re using Bluetooth I believe there are also extension cables for that too. Hope this gives you a lead on solving…

The Wahoo kickr has no ports for a direct connection. What we determined is that the ANT for my watch has been picking up the signal instead of the Bluetooth. So I remove the ANT as I don’t need the heart rate. What’s more important is not dropping out of every freaking ride! Going to see if that works better.

Copying a more tech savy friend on your suggestion too. Thank you.

Paul meant a USB extension connected to your computer, not the Kickr.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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Thanks everyone.