Watt drop on Wahoo Kickr


Getting super frustrated by constant dropping of wattage.
I know it’s not the trainer as the pickup on a wahoo app workout is fine. Also the Ant+ attenna picks up cadence and heart rate fine.

This has only happened in the last few weeks. Is there a fix?


What sort of hardware are you using Paul?

Windows 10 laptop. It’s only started happening in the last few weeks? There was a software update that went throwing go on the Kickr … I doubt that’s the reason though?

I’m just a bit lost with it?

Is the ANT+ dongle inserted directly into the computer or on an extension.

You have probably already tried most of the usual fixes but I need to run through them just to be sure.

I can empathise with the frustration - I had a few problems myself that came about with Zwift and Win 10.


I find that my KickR is very dependable and the only drops I see are from the ZML app, which make me wonder if problems are Wi-Fi related. I run a PC with Win10, hardwired to my Wi-Fi router with an Ant+ about 3 feet away from my KickR. Never a drop. My KickR hasn’t showed up in the pair screen since two updates ago, but it works perfectly.

Hi Paul, 

Looks like we have a support ticket open for you. Just be sure to respond to that email, and our support team will help you figure this out :)

Ride On!