Constant connection issues with many devices? I feel like its all my Wahoo stuff

I have a Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo tickr for HR. When I ride on zwift using ant+ I have constant power drop outs. Watts will drop to 0 and then come back intermittently. I have multiple computers and multiple ant+ sticks, and all have the same results. Also usb extensions cables and make sure no devices around with interference. I also connect via fe c. My heart rate never drops though or cadence. Now if I use my phone companion app to link my devices that way I have zero issues and no drop outs ever. I feel like my kickr has an ant+ issue maybe but not sure how to tell.

Other issue is when running on treadmill. I will use my iPad and connect my stryd footpod and wahoo tickr HR. My heart rate before I start is a perfect reading of like 55-58 when standing there. As soon as I take off it spikes to like 170 even though Im just doing an easy warmup. It may stay there for a mile then finally settle in to say 135 or whatever pace I am running. It might work for awhile then finally drops out completely. Yes I have tried new batteries and I actually have two wahoo tickr HR that do the same thing. Stryd never drops out. No other devices like my garmin watch or wahoo bolt when riding outside have HR issues.

Maybe next upgrades I should ditch Wahoo products for something else and see my results.

Same same here

Constant connectivity issues with my wahoo kickr core - total waste of time (and £700).

Sometimes it works, sometimes I get cadence readings, but no rpm or vice versa. Sometimes both and when I start recording the workout the cadence is suddenly not recording.

When you ask wahoo support… they say it might be interference… thanks. I will every time I use the wahoo tell everyone and the neighbors to turn off their mobiles and shut down wifi and all entertainment systems.

Just not possible to squeeze in a 45min ride In between things when the first 15min is troubleshooting and sometimes it doesn’t even work. Just an unsuitable product.