Connection drop


I use Wahoo Kickr and run Zwift on Samsung S10. Every single race or hard workout there is complete connection drop. Everything disconnects, Ant+ HRM, Bluetooth power meter, cadence sensor. I can go to pairing screen and reconnect, but by then, my race is over. It’s so annoying that I consider cancelling subscription.

What could be an issue?


Anyone within a couple of walls of you using a microwave oven?

Can you use ANT+ for the power meter and ditch bluetooth?

What about turning off the cellular data so that you’re only running WiFi? Perhaps the phone is trying to switch back and forth between the two.

I have been having the same issue running Garmin Vector 3 pedals for power and cadence (connect via BT). I’ve run various combinations of tech - running Zwift on a laptop running Windows 10 - with and without Zwift Companion running simultaneously. Running Zwift only on Samsung Note 8. Using a Garmin ANT+ HR strap or using a Wahoo BT HR strap. I’ve reduced all tech to the bare minimum and still I get dropouts on virtually every ride. VERY discouraging!

Smart trainer controllable Ant+ connection is not supported on android. I guess I need to try to run it on laptop. But phone is some much more convenient.

Thanks for all suggestions.

Ant+ is much more reliable unfortunately. So many things can interfere with bluetooth. Microwaves, fluorescent lights, wifi signal, etc… you can also try changing the channel on your wifi router or use the 5g signal if possible.