Zwift update Dec. 1 - No bluetooth. Ant+ Power drop-outs

I have a Gen 2 Kickr that loses Ant+ connection almost as if on a cycle.  On a workout, the spacing will frequently look equal between dropouts in Zwift.  That would indicate interference or a problem in Windows or Zwift.  I have systematically eliminated all interference.  I do have a USB extension with ANT+ dongle as close to the Kickr as possible.  This has made using Zwift almost painful because I only use it in workout mode.

Because of all of this, I switched connection to Bluetooth the day before this last update, the update occurred on Dec. 1st.  Now, Zwift will no longer even try to use Bluetooth as a way of connecting Devices.

Zwift has been the distraction that I need as an indoor training tool.  With the recent price increase, though not in effect yet, and the power drops that I have always had from day 1, this is really making me question using the program.

Not sure if it’s any help - I had my setup using a USB extension. When I upgraded my computer which came with Win 10, the setup failed. Removing the USB extension, and inserting the ANT+ dongle directly into the computer fixed the problem. Not great if your computer is far from your trainer but it may be worth checking.

Have you tried pairing power and controllable trainer with the ant+ FEC option for your kickr? 

I switched to ant+ FEC (from Kickr selection to Wahoo) and plugged ant+ dongle straight into my computer.  All of a sudden, the bluetooth option came back online.  I just finished a short workout selection, with power set to 3 seconds instead of instantaneous, and I had absolutely no issues.


Thank you both, Paul Graham and John Binns.  Hopefully my issues are forever gone.

Thanks Nikolaus always glad to help out a fellow Zwifter. You should be ok now, I discovered the fix a few months back and I haven’t had any drop outs in power since. I should give credit to the people at the following post which is where I found the fix:

Ride on!