PLEASE HELP - Bluetooth dropout during ride

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to Zwift having bought a Tacx Flux S smart trainer last month.

One thing I have been having a bit of an issue with is my trainer seeming to disconnect during a ride, and the Watt meter reads (–W).

I am using the Zwift app via my Windows 8 PC, and the Companion app on my Android phone, and connecting the two via bluetooth.

When the issue occurs, the connection sometimes drops out for just a few seconds, but other times for several minutes.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Stay safe all!

Many thanks.

I’ve had issues with a Win (10 in my case) PC and a Tacx Flux S, both with BT and ANT+. Just to be clear on your setup - are you connecting the trainer directly to your PC over BT? If so, are you using the built-in BT antenna, or a dongle?

Just an FYI, the Zwift Companion App connects to the Zwift App over your local network, not Bluetooth.

Here is a link that could help:

And this

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Hi both,

Thanks for the replies.

Yes I was connected using my network from the Companion app on my phone, to the Zwift app on my PC. I tried again today but it’s doing the same thing.

The internet connection is secure and strong so I really don’t understand the issue.

Both the trainer and the apps are fully updated.

Any idea?

Many thanks

I think you are still confused a little.

The Zwift Companion App on your phone links to the Zwift App on your PC over your local network.

The Bluetooth drops outs have noting to do with your internet connection.

My guess is it’s caused by some sort of interference (fan, other devices, fluorescent lights WiFi channel…).

For a more stable and robust connection I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and USB extension.

I would also upgrade that PC to Win10.


yo tuve problemas también. si tienes conectado también el garmin no lo enciendas ya que crea interferencias en la conexión por otra parte yo termine poniendo un la conexión por medio de Ant+. solo tienes que buscar un receptor usb ANT+ para conectar con el Pc y a mi se me terminaron los problemas

Hi Paul,

Thanks for clearing it up - As I said, still a bit new to it!

I have the PC hooked up to a projector so I wonder if that could be an cause… other than that I’ve tried a couple of other different wifi channels but still had the same issue.

One thing I definitely do need is a fan!!

Thanks again

@Matthew_Swallow, take a look at this thread Bluetooth Connection Drops v1.0.48306 / 1.0.48093 does it sound like the same issue you are having? If yes, then please vote for the topic and maybe we can get some attention from someone at Zwift.